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What is a Chapter 7?

Bucks County What Is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Bensalem Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Quakertown Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Information


Bucks County What Is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be a powerful way to eliminate stress, stop creditor harassment, and achieve peace of mind.  Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases in Bucks County can potentially discharge many debts.  These debts may include:

  • Medical Bills
  • Credit Card debts
  • Debts following evictions and/or repossessions
  • Lawsuits for breach of contract
  • Small or moderate NSF checks
  • Garnishments
  • Most business debts
  • Payday loans

Medical bills bankruptcy and a credit card bankruptcy are the most common types of Chapter 7 bankruptcies I have file for Bucks County residents.  I have also represented entrepreneurs in business debts bankruptcy, where their attempt at achieving their dreams left them with overwhelming debt.  Frequently, Bucks County individuals and families have entered into a car purchase arrangement where their interest rate, and subsequent car payment, are too high.  As a result, some have faced repossession.  I have been able to file a repossession bankruptcy as a Chapter 7 to eliminate the deficiency they owe on the vehicle.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most common form of filing, often called a “straight bankruptcy”. With many technical exceptions beyond those listed here, all debts are discharged in Chapter 7 bankruptcy EXCEPT the following:

  • Child Support
  • Student Loans
  • Most Taxes
  • Injuries Caused by Drunk Drivers

What is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?  

Filing a Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code requires that the debtor may be an individual, a partnership, or a corporation or other business entity.  A Bucks County resident is subject to the means test for individual debtors, and relief is available under Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Generally, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharges unsecured debt, such as credit cards and medical bills.  An individual, in most cases, is able to keep their property and home if they so desire.  Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy normally takes about 4 months and my firm offers reasonable payment plans to those wishing to file for bankruptcy in Bucks County.  Chapter 7 bankruptcy information is available all over the internet, which can be problematic to Bucks County residents who are not familiar with bankruptcy law.  It is advisable to call me for a free consultation to ensure that you qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Medical Bills, Credit Card, Repossession, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Information & More

One of the primary purposes of bankruptcy is to discharge certain debts to give an honest individual debtor a “fresh start.” The Bucks County debtor has no liability for discharged debts. In a Chapter 7 case, however, a discharge is only available to individual debtors, not to partnerships or corporations. Typically, for people in Bucks County, this discharge includes credit card debt, medical bills, and vehicle repossessions.  It may also include any potential deficiency on a home that has been surrendered through foreclosure or Sheriff’s Sale.

Call me for a free consultation on Chapter 7 bankruptcy information in Bucks County.  I am happy to answer any of your questions, including “What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?” and “Will I keep my property?”, which are some of the more common questions I receive.

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