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Bucks County Bankruptcy Reviews

Here are some recent, real-life bankruptcy reviews of my Bucks County legal services from Avvo.com:

“He was patient with my questions and confusion with the court documents. Once I understood the legal process and time lines, I felt less stressed about the entire situation.”

“Paul is a very good attorney. He is knowledgeable, professional, effective. I would definitely refer everyone I know or anyone that is in need of an attorney to Paul. Mr. Young made the whole process go very smoothly and very fast.”

“Paul was my attorney for a Chap 7 bankruptcy. He was awesome and I couldn’t be free from collection calls without him.”

“He makes you feel like he genuinely cares about you and your case working out for the best, not just getting paid and accomplishing his task. His rates are also very affordable and I have used a few attorneys in the past so I have a basis for comparison.”

“Paul represented my interests in a case that concluded this spring. I am inherently suspicious of lawyers, but in this case I grew to trust him completely. He knows his stuff and was able to protect me and my benefits in manner that exceeded my expectations. I recommend him highly, and intend to work with him in the future if I have any other legal concerns.”

“Paul was knowledgeable about my legal issues and responsive. I felt confident with his representation.”

Bankruptcy Testimonials & Client Reviews

Whether a client is pursuing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, my standard of business in Bucks County is to receive bankruptcy client reviews like the following:

“I am extremely satisfied with Mr. Young’s representation of my bankruptcy case. From the first meeting he was pleasant, attentive and reassuring. He made me feel that I was not a failure. He walked me through the process and answered all of my questions and treated me like I was his most important client. His support staff is also pleasant and courteous.”

“We hired Paul to be our lawyer and were nothing but pleased! He went above and beyond for us from day one, providing us with every bit of information we needed and answering any question we may have had. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone. I will only use him from now on!”

“Paul helped me a lot in my bankruptcy. We explored all options while I asked what seemed like a million questions.
Paul answered all my questions and presented each possible bankruptcy for me. My wife found Paul after calling around to a lot of different lawyers and she liked him the best.
If you are stressed like I was and need someone who knows his stuff and will not rush you, Paul Young is the best.”

“Paul  is very knowledgeable, professional and kind. He explained the entire bankruptcy process and walked us through each step. He patiently answered all my questions either on the phone of via email. He never made me feel like I was bothering him or he didn’t have the time to answer my questions. I would recommend him to any family or friend in need of a lawyer and would not hesitate to contact him in the future. If you are looking for an honest, dependable lawyer call Paul Young. Thank you, Paul, for all your support during what was a very difficult time.”

My Bucks County law practice is proud of our bankruptcy client reviews and bankruptcy testimonials.  If you need a Bucks County criminal lawyer, please see this site.



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