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Bucks County Bankruptcy Law Firm

My name is Paul Young and I am a Bucks County bankruptcy attorney. I grew up in a working family in Bucks County, PA. I grew up in the Bucks County area and worked my way through college and law school.   I value an honest day’s work and will provide you the same work ethic and dedication that has been with me since childhood.  It is my honor to provide bankruptcy help to the citizens of Bucks County.

I have sat in meetings with millionaires and with working class Americans. As Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers, my firm and I treat everyone equally and with respect.  We value their time, money, families, and lives. It doesn’t matter how much you’re worth or what type of car you drive, you are an individual with a unique legal need and I intend to provide you with results and respect.

I understand that I am the last person most people want to meet.  Living in Bucks County, I know that people believe bankruptcy is a “last resort”.  What many do not realize, however, is that bankruptcy is a powerful vehicle to save them money, headaches, and stress.  It can be a tremendous relief to overburdened families and individuals.  As a Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer, I take particular pride in structuring a repayment plan that allows Bucks County homeowners the opportunity to save their home.  In addition, a foreclosure bankruptcy or a credit card bankruptcy can provide the needed relief necessary to move on with life.  Finally, I take particular provide helping individuals in a medical bills bankruptcy, where a life-changing event has left a client with an oppressive medical debt that they will never get out of in their lifetime.

We have strong knowledge in IRS taxes bankruptcy and car bankruptcies, both of which have a dramatic impact on individuals.  Each bankruptcy has a unique skill set necessary to accomplish the goal of a discharge, but our experience can guide you in the right direction.

Bankruptcy Law Office & Practice

I believe education and information are the keystones to a good attorney-client relationship and a bankruptcy law office.  It is a priority to me that my Bucks County clients understand the process, the benefits, the disadvantages, and the end result of a bankruptcy.  I will provide personal bankruptcy information until you are satisfied with the bankruptcy help I have provided.  I end every meeting with, “Do you have any questions?” and I have stayed very late into the night to answer each and every one.  I will not leave until every client is comfortable with their decision and with the bankruptcy process.  As a result, I receive many referrals from prior clients and take pride when I can help prior client’s friends, families, and co-workers.

Please see my client reviews that can attest to my skill as a Bucks County bankruptcy lawyer and my bankruptcy law firm that has helped thousands of Bucks County residents.

Bucks County Bankruptcy Lawyer law firm provides Bankruptcy Pros and Cons, Bankruptcy Help, Bankruptcy Reviews, Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and more.

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Receive My Free Book!

All new clients will receive my forthcoming book, "How to Repair Your Credit (and Your Life) After Bankruptcy".

After two years of intense research, my book cuts to the chase regarding credit myths and provides a strong roadmap for you to repair your credit. Whether you want a new home, car, or additional credit in the future, my book will help you get there.

Complete with recommended websites and financial management tools, my book will help you get the fresh start you need after your Bucks County bankruptcy.

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