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Bucks County Bankruptcy Lawyer, Bensalem Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Quakertown Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Bucks County Bankruptcy Lawyer

Stop the Harassment.  Stop the Stress.  Save Your Property.  Start Fresh.


You are probably here because you or a loved one is considering a Bucks County bankruptcy. It is a stressful time filled with lots of questions and bankruptcy laws provide limited insight for your bankruptcy questions.  You are probably confused between the different types of bankruptcy, including a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  Your personal bankruptcy should start with a simple, free consultation with me.  My name is Paul Young and I live in Bucks County.  I am also a bankruptcy lawyer and I help people in Bucks County file for bankruptcy.

You may have questions about which type of bankruptcy is right for you and if you qualify. You also may want to know what happens after your bankruptcy and the pro’s and con’s to filing. A Bucks County bankruptcy lawyer can help you decide whether filing for bankruptcy is right for you. Last year, over 1.5 million bankruptcies were filed, relieving many Americans with overwhelming debt.  In Bucks County, the economic conditions are no different for individuals.  The solution may be a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy through a bankruptcy lawyer.

I have three offices in Bucks County, servicing individuals and families throughout the entire county.

Call me for a free, no-obligation consultation so I can answer all of your bankruptcy questions.


Chapter 7 & 13 Bankruptcy Information & More

You have questions and I have answers about your personal bankruptcy in Bucks County.  I take pride in providing each client with Chapter 7 bankruptcy information and Chapter 13 bankruptcy information for all of their bankruptcy questions.  This will include discussing all applicable bankruptcy laws.  Some frequently asked bankruptcy questions about filing for bankruptcy in Bucks County include:

I can also help you keep your home through a foreclosure bankruptcy, which is generally provided through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy or if I act as a foreclosure defense lawyer.  Each financial situation in Bucks County is unique and I will take particular time evaluating your financial information, your desires with respect to your property, and your financial goals to develop an appropriate strategy to solve your current problems.  The end result may be a personal bankruptcy or it may be recommended to pursue alternative paths.  Regardless, if you are in Bucks County and need a bankruptcy lawyer, it does not hurt to call me for a no-fee consultation.
Special note:  I understand Burlington County, NJ is near Bucks County, PA.  For those who need a Burlington County, NJ Bankruptcy lawyer, please call 609-789-0770.

Bucks County Bankruptcy Lawyer
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Receive My Free Book!

All new clients will receive my forthcoming book, "How to Repair Your Credit (and Your Life) After Bankruptcy".

After two years of intense research, my book cuts to the chase regarding credit myths and provides a strong roadmap for you to repair your credit. Whether you want a new home, car, or additional credit in the future, my book will help you get there.

Complete with recommended websites and financial management tools, my book will help you get the fresh start you need after your Bucks County bankruptcy.

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